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Commission: Tyrenas Bloodseeker by SkullCandister Commission: Tyrenas Bloodseeker :iconskullcandister:SkullCandister 52 12 Commission: Eldonius Dawnflame by SkullCandister Commission: Eldonius Dawnflame :iconskullcandister:SkullCandister 25 2 Commission: Sheylas Sunblaze by SkullCandister Commission: Sheylas Sunblaze :iconskullcandister:SkullCandister 21 5
Lurking Past
The scent of smoke and sulfur was strong enough to cling to his throat, carried by the humid wind of the night. He could count the beatings of his heart, which was once again struggling to not jump out of its ribcage. He needed some fresh air, to stay alone and know that he needed no one beside him in order to be able to keep fighting.
No matter how hard he tried, no matter how strong the desire to forget was. That past was always there, akin to a ferocious, voracious predator patiently stalking its prey to exhaustion.
The heavy breath of the black maned stallion was scanning the flow of his thoughts and the raging emotions soaring towards the surface. The clapping sound of the plate armored hooves was echoing in the vast forest of Feralas, disturbing the troubled silence of the suffering groves.
He didn’t want to depend on someone. He didn’t want to trust anyone but himself; the memory of the Custodian who died in his arms, crippled of both arms and legs was so vivid, so p
:iconskullcandister:SkullCandister 0 0
Commission: Lealynn Larieux by SkullCandister Commission: Lealynn Larieux :iconskullcandister:SkullCandister 24 2 Commission: Naruthian Cobrashot by SkullCandister Commission: Naruthian Cobrashot :iconskullcandister:SkullCandister 16 7 Commission: Zyradrine Darksun by SkullCandister Commission: Zyradrine Darksun :iconskullcandister:SkullCandister 90 6 Mor'denath Dawnlight - Digital Drawing Attempt by SkullCandister Mor'denath Dawnlight - Digital Drawing Attempt :iconskullcandister:SkullCandister 23 1
Depleted Love
“You know, I always thought that you should have accepted Magister Sunstriker’s offer. Teaching in Falthrien Academy would have granted you not only the possibility to meet the young minds hailing from the most prestigious families of Quel’thalas, but…” Amaranthia looked at her husband who, as always, after a day spent in Magister Terrace was noting his personal thoughts on a journal. She knew how jealous he was of his “diaries”, yet when he was not around she always took the chance to read them in order to understand what was running into her beloved’s mind.
The woman tilted the head to the left.
“ You should seek other allies for the future.”, she continued. “Who knows if those of your father will renew their trust to your name, when Lord Dawnlight will pass the crown.”
The office was embraced by the light coming through the wide windows, which colored glass shot the images of the founding of the High Kingdom on
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Mor'denath Dawnlight by SkullCandister Mor'denath Dawnlight :iconskullcandister:SkullCandister 11 4 Commission: Palinoori by SkullCandister Commission: Palinoori :iconskullcandister:SkullCandister 25 3 Commission: Aseriya Swiftbow by SkullCandister Commission: Aseriya Swiftbow :iconskullcandister:SkullCandister 27 10 Commission: Faendrel Scrollkeeper by SkullCandister Commission: Faendrel Scrollkeeper :iconskullcandister:SkullCandister 33 5 (Screen Edit - Commission) Thallandor Dawnflame by SkullCandister (Screen Edit - Commission) Thallandor Dawnflame :iconskullcandister:SkullCandister 19 3 Commission: Thallandor Dawnflame by SkullCandister Commission: Thallandor Dawnflame :iconskullcandister:SkullCandister 32 7 Athalnarei - Death from Above by SkullCandister Athalnarei - Death from Above :iconskullcandister:SkullCandister 17 10


CM: Lord Mordenath Dawnlight by Arcan-Anzas CM: Lord Mordenath Dawnlight :iconarcan-anzas:Arcan-Anzas 148 10 CM: Lord Mordenath Dawnlight by Arcan-Anzas CM: Lord Mordenath Dawnlight :iconarcan-anzas:Arcan-Anzas 191 16 WoW sketch commission by AppleSin WoW sketch commission :iconapplesin:AppleSin 186 6 WoW: Blood Knight by AppleSin WoW: Blood Knight :iconapplesin:AppleSin 432 31



Commission updates:

1) Eldonius: Done! 
2) Tyrenas - Done!
3) Ceelda - Work in Progress!
Commission: Tyrenas Bloodseeker
I'm extremely proud of this piece, man! I hope you'll enjoy it! 

Race: Sin'dorei
Class: Hunter
Server: Argent Dawn (EU)
Hosted on: Argent Archives (site)
Commission updates:

1) Eldonius: Done! 
2) Tyrenas - Done!
3) Ceelda - Work in Progress!

Hello my dears!

I write to inform you all that -after the next round-, I will close the commission requests in order to work on some personal projects and to improve my drawing skills.

Once again, thank you for your support. It means a lot for me. ^^
Commission: Eldonius Dawnflame
It took quite a while to get used to photoshop, but here we are!
Of course, Eldonius is the owner of this piece. It has been a pleasure to work with you! ^^

Name: Eldonius Dawnflame
Race: Blood Elf
Class: Mage
Guild: The Sanguine Eye
Server: Argent Dawn (EU)
HI there~ 

I'm happy to see that people out there like what I do, it's heartwarming and I love you all! ^^

So, here we go again, I suppose! I'm open for commissions and, as always, I will take a max. of 3 people, the first ones who will send me a private note or reply comment this journal page. Booking a spot is not hard at all since all I need to understand what you would like me to do are some information about your character. If someone else was faster than you, do not despair! You will have a reserved spot in the next round (in 1 month and half/2 months).


All you have to do is contact me and write down the following information:
- The server you play on
- Race, gender, class of the main subject
- A link to relevant artwork, biographies, and references to your character.
- A screenshot of the subject, since I need to check his/her armor.

As soon as I will read your message, I will poke you back for all the other information I need and the pricing will be discussed in private; the cost will depend on, as always, the amount of work needed to turn a low-quality screenshot into a high-quality model edit. Custom stuff, pets, mounts etc will also be taken into account. 

Also, since many asked this question: I still DON'T ACCEPT digital drawing commissions. The reason is that it still takes far too long for me to complete one, and the current pricing wouldn't cover the 40+ hours spent on a single work. In few words, I need to "git gut" before venturing into this unexplored field. :P

Check this page for more information: 

Commissions: Everything you need to knowGuidelines
- Currently only working with World of Warcraft characters and models
- No Smut or Pornographic work - any work commissioned of this nature will be declined
- All work that is completed will be featured on my Deviantart page
- Credit my work <3 You're not allowed to remove my signature.
Option 1: Basic modeling and textures 
Price: Between €15 and €20
Option 2: More detailed shading and texture work
Commission: Tyrenas Bloodseeker by SkullCandister
Price: Between €25 and €35
Option 3: Custom texture work, addition of other elements and/or characters
Commission: Thallandor Dawnflame by SkullCandister

Thank you once again for your support!


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CrazyBritBoy Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow! :D The model edits you do are brilliant! Looking forward to what you create in the future! Are you taking commissions at the moment?
SkullCandister Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2016
Thank you dear!

I am taking commissions, yes. At the moment I am working on a night elf druid, but the commissioner wants quite hard stuff. :P Unfortunately, I like challenges!
CrazyBritBoy Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wish you the best of luck! What type of payment do you take? Might have to have something done by you :) 
SkullCandister Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2016
Ingame currency or actual money, yet I am yet to decide the prices and I am asking help to some friends, you know, to figure out a price that can satisfy the costumer and, well, repay me of the time I spend keeping my tablet on my lap. I will post something on my profile soon enough <3
(1 Reply)
fuzzylittlekitty Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Welcome to WoW-Demon-Hunters and DA!

(on side note, make sure you are submitting to the right folder)
SkullCandister Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2016
I am completely new to DeviantArt, so forgive the noobness :3
fuzzylittlekitty Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
XD okay. If you need help, let me know.
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